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Got a suggestion from a co worker to check out the paintless dent removal business in Columbus. I looked at different websites but kept coming back to PDR by Eddie and boy am I glad I did. He came out to my work and did the job under an hour. You can't even tell at all where the dent was. Great work done at a fair price. Thank you Eddie!!!

Robert B

Very Satisfied Customer

Eddie is the best in town. I'd put his work up against anybody's. Super happy customer! Will recommend to all my friends and family.

Jonathan Finney

Dented Ram Made Whole Again

My red 2008 F250 with only 75K miles was backed into and put a dent in my door. I simply didn't want my truck painted on. I took it to a paint and body shop where they stated that a dent removal service could not remove the dent. I still called Eddie and he came to the house and worked his magic. Eddie performs great work is very courteous and professional. Eddie ROCKS

Billy B

All Smiles

Eddie did a wonderful job on my 2001 cobra. He even fixed a bow in the door that I did not know was there. Great job and lots of compliments on the work .Thanks Eddie. Rudy


Satisfied gearhead

My car was involved in a minor bumper accident. Most of the work had to be done with replacement BMW parts, but there was one dent that I did not want filled with filler of any type. Who to call but Eddie, he had worked on another vehicle of mine in the past. Eddie came to the house and in a short time had removed the dent. Now on to the body shop for replacement of the bumper and I will be all set. Great job Eddie.


Satisified BMW X3 Owner

Eddie took a couple of dents out of our 1991(in show room condition) BMW two years ago, so when the car was pummelled with golf ball size hail from stem to stern in a storm last spring, we knew exactly who to call. I defy anyone to find even the slightest hint of a dent. What hail storm? Eddie, you're the best!

Dianne Gordon

This was a great, affordable way to fix a ding that the body shops wanted a lot more money for. I can not even tell where the ding was! I will use Eddie any time I find another ding in my car.

Beth N.

Satisfied Customer





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